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Painted Plain






Small, grey, ground-dwelling

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Secrets of Deltora

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Two Moons (mentioned)

The nodnap is a fleshy, grey, ground-dwelling bird found on the Painted Plain. They are often roasted and used as food.[1]

History Edit

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran described nodnaps under the Painted Plain category in his book Secrets of Deltora.[1]

Shadows of the Master Edit

Jewel of Broome calls Britta a 'nodnap' when they first meet. Seeing Britta's confusion at the term, Jewel explains to her what a nodnap is.[2]

Two Moons Edit

Jewel continues to call Britta 'nodnap' or 'little nodnap' on occasion.[3]

Anatomy Edit

The nodnap is a large ground-dwelling bird covered in grey feathers with two legs and a beak.[1]

Behaviour Edit

The nodnap prefers to run than fly, though they are still considerably slow and easily caught. They graze the Plain in flocks of up to a hundred.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • When roasted, nodnaps taste similar to turkey.[1]
  • The nodnap bears a resemblance to the kiwi, a New Zealand bird.

References Edit

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