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Nirrin is a guard in Del serving under King Lief.[1]

History Edit

Nirrin was rescued from the Shadowlands by King Lief, Barda, and Jasmine, along with the rest of the Deltoran prisoners the Shadow Lord had taken. Shortly after returning to Del, Nirrin became a guard in the city.[1]

Dragon's Nest Edit

Nirrin was one of the six guards that Lief enlisted to carry the Shadow Lord’s crystal to the forge. The crystal was immensely difficult for even the six men to carry because of the Shadow Lord’s magic, and the effort was exhausting. Nirrin was the first guard to speak during their journey, and asked Lief where they were going. Nirrin was deeply impacted when Lief turned and spoke to him, for he saw how much the young king suffered from the Shadow Lord's malice pouring out of the crystal.

Nirrin and the other guards later fled from the forge when Barda ordered them to leave, and they told the people of Del what was going on. Nirrin later recounted his story in detail to his wife. Nirrin suffered nightmares after he came into contact with the crystal, but he never regretted the part he played in the crystal's destruction.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Little is known of Nirrin's physical appearance, but as a prisoner in the Shadowlands he may have been branded with the Shadow Lord's mark.

Personality Edit

Nirrin is a dutiful man who is loyal to Lief. He volunteered to help carry the Shadow Lord's crystal, and never regretted the decision, though the evil presence caused him to have nightmares for months afterward. Nirrin has great sympathy for the struggles Lief has to endure at such a young age, and immensely respects the young king. He is quite humble, as he and the other five guards had no shame in admitting that they fled from the forge when Barda allowed them to leave.[1]

Abilities Edit

Nirrin is one of the strongest guards in Barda's employ, though even his great strength was barely enough to bring the crystal to Adin's forge.[1]

References Edit

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