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The nine powers of Dann were objects of magic originally belonging to the Sorcerer Dann[1] and later given to Rye in small pouch by a Fellan named Edelle.[2]


After Dann's banishment from Weld through the golden Door, he entrusted the nine powers to the Fellen. They were instructed to give the powers over to someone distinguished by the following traits: They had red hair, they carried Dann's bell tree stick, and they drank from Dann's Mirror without harm.[1]

The Golden Door Edit

The Silver Door Edit

The Third Door Edit


Like the Fellen, each of the powers was strongest closer to the forests of Dorne, and weakened by metal and salt. Rye was able to share the powers with others through touch.

Fleet ringEdit

Made of tightly plaited grey Fleet horsehair, the ring gave the ability of speed. Rye was able to use it to outrun a bloodhog.[2]

Red featherEdit

A single red bird feather. Granted levitation and mobility in the air.[3]

Golden keyEdit

Could open any lock, even ones that do not use traditional keys.[3] However it cannot open the three doors out of Weld.

Grey HoodEdit

A small hood large enough to go over one's head. Grants invisibility.[2]

Snail shellEdit

A shell from the snails found in the Saltings. Provided Rye with an impenetrable magic shield when worn on his finger.[3]

Honey sweetEdit

A simple honey sweet wrapped in a thin wrapping. It enhanced Rye's voice with magic, allowing him to calm the people of Dorne when they sought to kill the Fellan.[1]

Light crystalEdit

A small knobbly crystal that provided light when there was none. It could also create a window to look into other rooms when pressed against a wall.[2]

Sea serpent scaleEdit

A silver scale taken from a sea serpent. It buries itself into the palm of Rye's hand, allowing him to swim effortlessly in water.[2]


The braided red cord that serves as drawstring from the bag of powers. Though its power is never stated, it is implied that it shares similarities with the string of plaited Fellan hair that Sonia used as a cord belt, which has the power to still people with no Fellan blood.


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