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Mouse Bane
General information

The Mere territory



Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Mouse Banes are vicious reptiles from the Lapis Lazuli territory.



Doran the Dragonlover studied and described Mouse Banes in Secrets of Deltora.


Mouse Banes are very aggressive and have poisonous fangs. Their bites cause painful swelling and high fevers.


Mouse Banes are peculiar-looking creatures. They are roughly as large as domestic cats and are covered in black-and-white stripes. Their bodies and hind legs are large, stocky, and close to the ground, allowing them to stand on two feet. Their short arms end in wicked, grasping claws and their necks are very long. Their heads are reminiscent of that of a snake, though Mouse Banes have grinding teeth in addition to their poisonous fangs.


Mouse Banes make their home anywhere in the Mere territory where mice can be found, including barns, stables, food stores, and some taverns.


Mouse Banes, as their name suggests, primarily feed on mice.

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