Milly's Chowder House
Physical information

The Finger


Diamond territory





Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Milly's Chowder House was located on The Finger in Diamond territory.[1]

History Edit

The building that Milly's shop occupied had stood on The Finger for a long time and had many different uses over the centuries.

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran visited Milly's Chowder House while writing his book, Secrets of Deltora. The House sold chowder and bread, and was decorated with fish oil lanterns. Doran had a bowl of chowder, which he claimed was the best thing he ever tasted and enjoyed Milly's fresh-baked bread. Sailors and passengers who came ashore often enjoyed sampling Milly's chowder and her company. Milly's Chowder House had stables and sold Gripper Salve for a good price.[1]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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