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The Keeper of the Crystal

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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

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Two Moons

The Maris is a species of mer-like people who live on the east coast of the island of Maris, in the town of the same name. For 1000 years their nation has been united under a single leader referred to as the Keeper of the Crystal, who wields the power of a magic Crystal.[1]


Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

Rowan and the Zebak

Rowan of the Bukshah

Two Moons



The Maris is divided into three clans, the Pandellis clan, the Fisk clan and the Umbray clan. There was once a fourth clan, the Mirril, which the first Keeper Orin was a member of, but it was eradicated by the Zebak.[1]


Maris homes and buildings are typically rounded.[1]

Physical appearance

Though they walk on land, they have webbed hands and feet to make living on the coast easier. They have glistening pale skin, ranging from white to blue-grey, and pale, flat, glassy eyes, usually expresionless.

The Maris are all clothed from wrist to ankle to ankle in tight-fitting shining garments with cloaks and hoods in the colour of their respective clan, blue for Pandellis, green for Fisk and silver for Umbray. Typically Maris are armed with knives, which they keep at a belt.[1]

Notable members


Rowan of Rin​

Star of Deltora


  • Maris is both the name of the race, the town they live in[1] and the island that the town is located on, although the island is called that by the Deltorans.[2]


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