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Maris is in need of more information! Maris is lacking a history with events from Rowan of Rin, Rowan and the Travellers, Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal, Rowan and the Zebak, Rowan of the Bukshah, as well as events from the island's past (examples include when the Rin villagers lived in the Valley of Gold, the first Cold Time, the War of the Plains etc.) The page is also lacking a list of locations and races/cultures.

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Maris island
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The Travellers, the villagers of Rin, the Maris people

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To the west of Deltora, in the Silver Sea

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Rowan of Rin

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Two Moons

Maris is the name given by the people of Deltora to an island that lies in the Silver Sea. The island lies to the west of Deltora, and is home to the village of Rin. To the east of Maris lies the dangerous Land of the Zebak. Deltorans call the island "Maris" because for centuries they have traded with the fish-like Maris people who live on the island's east coast in the town of that same name.


Maris has no natural harbour and is open to the sea, which has made ships wishing to trade with it wary. However, the Maris leader, the Keeper, was capable of using a magic Crystal to control the winds and tides. The weather was always fair for trading ships. Those the Keeper did not wish to approach would not find themselves so lucky, either becalmed or destroyed with a tidal wave.


Rowan of Rin

Rowan and the Travellers

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

Rowan and the Zebak

Rowan of the Bukshah

Two Moons

When the Star of Deltora reached Maris, they found themselves becalmed some ways away from the harbor. They did not understand why they were not being permitted to dock. A boat from Maris sailed to them and Perlain informed them the Keeper would not let them enter as there was a shadow on the ship - the wraiths with Britta. Perlain stated it was only because of Maris's long friendship with Deltora that the Star had not instantly been destroyed.

When Mab asked the Star be allowed to refill their water barrels, for the usual fee, Perlain told her that barrels were being prepared and would be floated to her. Perlain refused to allow the Star or anything from it to touch Maris's shore to avoid possible infection. After the barrels were loaded, the ship left Maris's waters to continue to the Isle of Two Moons, its next port of call.


  • According to Emily Rodda fan Jack on DeviantArt in 2012, Emily Rodda revealed at the Melbourne Writers Festival in 2012, that the islands on which her Rowan of Rin series is set, are located to Deltora's west.[1] This was confirmed by Rodda in 2015 in the author foreword of Shadows of the Master.[2]