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Else (descendant)
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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (mentioned, only appearance)

Lieth was a former prisoner in the Land of the Zebak and one of the Zebak warrior slaves who rebelled against their masters and went on to settle on the island of Maris. Lieth became the Chooser after the Mirril clan was eradicated. His bloodline, which includes Jiller, Rowan and Timon, have been the Choosers for the last 300 years.[1]


Lieth originated in the Rin compound within the Zebak city, enslaved like all of his people. He was one of the warrior-slaves chosen by the Zebak to fight against the Maris and Travellers in the Zebak's attempt to invade and take control of the island of Maris. His memories were completely wiped away by the Zebak, to ensure that he, and the other warrior slaves, focused entirely on the war. This plan went awry when the slaves rose up against their masters and joined forces with the Maris and Travellers to repel the invaders. The warrior-slaves then settled in a valley inhabited by bukshah which eventually became the village of Rin.

During the invasion, the Keeper of the Crystal of that time lay dying,. The Mirril Chooser clan had been eradicated by the Zebak, however the Crystal still, though dim, still had a bit of power left and the Keeper was as cunning as Orin the Wise. The Keeper, with the help of the Crystal, selected Lieth and offered him to act as a Chooser during the Choosing of the new Keeper. Lieth went to the Island in the Maris harbour and completed the Choosing. The newly appointed Keeper then used power of the Crystal to banish the Zebak from Maris, finally ending the conflict. Following that day, Lieth's descendants became the new Chooser bloodline and acted as Choosers during subsequent Choosings.[1]

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  • Lieth lived 300 years before Rowan.

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