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Lapis Lazuli territory is a territory in the mid-northwest of Deltora and is the territory of the Lapis Lazuli dragons and the Mere tribe. It is bordered by Emerald territory to the north, Amethyst territory to the west, Diamond territory to the south, and Opal territory to the east. Lapis Lazuli territory is a fertile land, consisting of small farms, villages, and silver mining towns.[1]

Tribe Edit

Main article: Mere

The Mere people are tall, hot-blooded and superstitious folk with a love of gambling. They are excellent fighters, but are generally welcoming to outsiders. The Mere have a long-standing feud with the Plains people and do not trust them.[1]

Capital Edit

Main article: Rithmere

The lively capital city of Rithmere is the only large city in Lapis Lazuli territory. It is a busy, colourful city famed for its horses, racetrack, and multifarious gambling opportunities. Rithmere's market rivals the market of Del in the variety of goods it offers.[1]

Gem Edit

Main article: Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli, also called the heavenly stone, is a symbol of good fortune and brings good luck to the one who wears it. The Lapis Lazuli has a special relationship with the Opal.[2]

Landmarks Edit

Cities Edit

Terrain Edit

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The Shifting Sands Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lapis Lazuli territory is home to a large number of venomous reptiles.[1]

References Edit

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