Lapis Lazuli dragon
General information

Lapis Lazuli territory


Cold-blooded creatures, Sand Beasts, fish, lizards and snakes


Critically endangered


Quick-witted, impulsive, curious, amusing, easily bored, enjoys songs and risk-taking.
Smaller and daintier than members of other dragon tribes, but faster in flight.

Chronological information
Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Lapiz Lazuli dragon are a species of dragon native to Lapis Lazuli territory.



Lapis Lazuli dragons are covered in midnight blue scales dotted with silver specks that resemble stars. Its wings are like dark blue velvet, pierced with light. Their eyes shine like stars and their claws resemble crescent moons, curved and gleaming. Their underbellies are pale, and change colour to blend in with the sky.

When in flight, Lapis Lazuli dragons are said to resemble a cluster of falling stars. They are the smallest of all the dragons as adults, and more delicate looking. Also, it should be noted that, while they fly, they seem to glide through the air like shooting stars, with barely a beat of their wings as they move along.


Lapis Lazuli dragons like to sing while they fly.


They have long memories, wonderfully sharp minds, and a great sense of direction. Also, they don't seem to be as aggressive in approach as dragons like the Topaz, Emerald, or Opal dragons. Still, they are quick to judge and like to take chances, such as when Fortuna used Lief as a loop hole to get in the Emerald dragon's territory, seeming to like pressing the Emerald dragon's buttons in particular.


Lapis Lazuli dragons feed on cold blooded creatures. Their preferred pray are the Sand Beasts of the Shifting Sands, but they are known to hunt reptiles and fish as well.


The Lapis Lazuli dragon lives in the Lapis Lazuli territory. They are often found in and around the Shifting Sands to prey upon the Sand Beasts


In Secrets of Deltora, a Lapis Lazuli dragon is depicted as having wings on its forarms like a Wyvern, despite the books describing all Deltoran dragons like classical European dragons.


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