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Secrets of Deltora

Lapis Adders, also known as "Lucky Snakes", are one of the numerous reptiles that roam Lapis Lazuli territory.[1]


Doran the Dragonlover studied and described Lapis Adders in Secrets of Deltora. He also mentioned how the snakes featured in the numerous superstitions of the Mere; seeing a Lapis Adder is considered lucky, and Lapis Adder skins are even luckier. Their skins are very valuable and are often worn from peoples' belts, having been passed down as family heirlooms.[1]


Lapis Adders are very quick. Though not particularly aggressive, when provoked they strike with astounding speed and ferocity. Lapis Adders have been known to bite victims repeatedly until their supplies of venom have been exhausted. Lapis Adder bites are very painful and cause blinding headaches.[1]


Lapis Adders are small snakes with dark blue scales flecked with silver markings that shine in moonlight, much like the Lapis Lazuli for which they are named.[1]


Lapis Adders live in the Mere territory, particularly in the grasslands in the north part of the territory.[1]


It is unknown what Lapis Adders normally eat.

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