Land Limpet
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Forests of Silence



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Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

Land Limpets are hard-shelled creatures that live within Topaz territory.[1]


Land Limpets are small creatures that dwell within the Forests of Silence and were encountered by Doran during his travels through Deltora. They are recorded in his field-guide; Secrets of Deltora.[1]

Habitat Edit

Land Limpets dwell within fern beds in End Wood, the third of the Forests of Silence, within Topaz Territory.[1]

Anatomy Edit

Land Limpets appear as hard-shelled, tiny snails.[1]


Land Limpets are strangely aggressive snails, latching onto the exposed flesh of any creature that happens to pass by them.[1]


It is unknown what the Land Limpets eat, but seeing as Limpet is another word for snail they are likely herbivorous.[1]

References Edit

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