Land Limpet
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Forests of Silence



Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

Land Limpets are hard-shelled creatures that live within Topaz territory.


Land Limpets are small creatures that dwell within the Forests of Silence and were encountered by Doran during his travels through Deltora. They are recorded in his field-guide; Secrets of Deltora.

Habitat Edit

Land Limpets dwell within fern beds in End Wood, the third of the Forests of Silence, within Topaz Territory.

Anatomy Edit

Land Limpets appear as hard-shelled, tiny snails.


Land Limpets are strangely aggressive snails, latching onto the exposed flesh of any creature that happens to pass by them.


It is unknown what the Land Limpets eat, but seeing as Limpet is another word for snail they are likely herbivorous.

References Edit

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