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Kris was a young Toran that briefly acted as a decoy for Lief.[1]


Kris as he appears in the anime.


Kris was banished from Tora along with the rest of his people after the Torans broke their vow to King Endon. The Torans wandered into the Valley of the Lost. Kris and the rest of the Torans were cursed by the Guardian, becoming his "subjects". They remained in the Valley for over a decade, unable to escape.[2]

The Valley of the LostEdit

Though not mentioned specifically, Kris was restored to his normal self along with the rest of his people when Lief, Barda, and Jasmine defeated the Guardian and reclaimed the Diamond.

Return to Del Edit

When Doom suggested sending decoys to distract the Shadow Lord, the Torans selected Kris to act as Lief's body double. After bidding his family farewell, Kris departed for the River Tor along with Peel and Lauran.

Physical appearanceEdit

Kris was a young man roughly the same age and height as King Lief. He had long, black hair, though he cut it short for a time to further resemble Lief. Though he normally wore Toran robes, Kris briefly donned a rougher outfit and a long cloak while he was disguised as Lief. Kris was several years older than he seemed, as he did not age physically when the Torans were in the Valley of the Lost.[1]


Little is known of Kris' personality, but he was presumably quite brave, willing to risk capture by acting as a decoy for Lief, one of the Shadow Lord’s primary targets.[1]


Kris had access to Toran magic, giving him a variety of powers. His mind was psychically joined to the minds of the rest of his people, making it impossible for him to keep secrets from the Torans, but also vastly increasing his memory.[1]


Deltora QuestEdit

Deltora Quest 1Edit

References Edit

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