"But for a thousand years the clans have been united under one all-powerful leader—the Keeper of the Crystal."

The Keeper of the Crystal, also called the Keeper of Maris, is the title given to the leader of the Maris people and the one who wields the power of the Crystal.[1]

History Edit

Known Keepers Edit

Orin Edit

Main article: Orin

The first Keeper of the Crystal, Orin the Wise was a member of the now eradicated Mirril clan. Orin was the first person to brew the antidote to the Death Sleep poison.[1]

Unnamed Keeper Edit

Main article: Unnamed Keeper of the Crystal

This Keeper was slowly dying when Perlain of the Pandellis clan came to Rin to ask Jiller to help choose the next Keeper of the Crystal.[1]

Doss Edit

Main article: Doss

The current Keeper, selected by Rowan of Rin, Doss of the Pandellis clan rules the Maris people and guards the Crystal.[1]

References Edit

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