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Shadows of the Master

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The Hungry Isle

Kay is the healer and carer of Mab.[1]

History Edit

Shadows of the Master Edit

Kay is revealed to be the healer of Mab, who is frail and ailing. She opened the door to Zoolah when the other woman came with Britta to speak to Mab, but refused to allow Zoolah to disturb Mab for any reason and closed the door on her. Kay later told Britta that she would not have been so hasty to do that, had she realised what Zoolah would try to do next. Kay appeared when Zoolah was losing her mind and screaming at Britta, and orders Zoolah to calm herself. Sadly her warning came too late, as the shadows, sensing the threat to Britta, attacked Zoolah, killing her. Afterward, Kay saw to a stunned Britta, ensuring that she was rested, bathed and ready to sail with the other candidates at dawn on board the Star of Deltora.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Kay is described as a sturdy woman with cropped grey hair. She was wearing a white nightgown when Britta first meets her.[1]

Abilities Edit

Kay's abilities are largely unknown, but it is clear that she is skilled in healing, as she is a healer and cares for Mab.[1]   

Relationships Edit

Mab Edit

Kay is Mab's healer, and as such it can be assumed that they have a healer-patient relationship. Kay seems to genuinely care about Mab's wellbeing, as she does not allow Zoolah to disturb Mab's much-needed sleep.[1]

Appearances Edit

Star of Deltora Edit

References Edit

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