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Karol was a large man of the Mere tribe in the time of Adin.[1]

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Karol confronted Zillah and her fellow leaders Dorkin and Loosely and called for them to attack the people of the Plains, whom he and others believed were in league with the Shadow Army out of jealousy for the lands of the Mere. He led a mob in an attempt to convince them to do so, but their anger was soon turned to newcomer Adin, whose story of his dream and the resulting creation of the Belt of Deltora was greeted with scorn by Karol and his fellows. However, after Adin miraculously met the challenge of delivering the head of a Sand Beast to the Mere leaders, Karol was the first to show reverence for his future king and to encourage his leaders to do likewise by entrusting Adin with the Lapis Lazuli.[1]

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Karol very was large.

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