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Joanna is Mere woman,[1] a Champion of the Rithmere Games, and the companion of Orwen.[2]


The Shifting Sands Edit

Joanna and Orwen travelled to Rithmere to compete in the Rithmere Games. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine encountered them in their travels, and overheared a conversation about last years games. Joanna had been beaten by Brianne of Lees, but was sure this time she would be a finalist.

In the games, Joanna made it to the preliminary rounds alongside her husband. She was paired to fight with Glock. During their battle, Glock managed to grab Joanna by the neck and began to strangle her. Orwen witnessed this in his adjacent ring and rushed to her aid, disqualifying himself. Joanna survived her injuries.[2]

The Sister of the South Edit

Both Joanna and Orwen were present at the wedding of Lief and Jasmine. By this time, they had both become Champions of the Rithmere Games, now run by Fardeep.[1]

Anime Edit

Joanna's role in the anime was the same as the book. However, she and Orwen acted more aggressive and competitive towards the companions than their book counterparts.

Physical appearance Edit

Joanna is described as being tall with red hair.[2]

Anime Edit

In the anime, Joanna had violet eyes and short, spiky red hair.

Personality Edit

Joanna is a very competitive and proud woman. She took her loss again Brianne to heart, and used it to become a better fighter. While she never was friends with the companions, she treated them with friendly sportsmanship.[2]

Abilities Edit

Joanna is an impressive fighter, eventually becoming a champion of the games.[2]

Appearances Edit

Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 1 Edit

Deltora Quest 2 Edit

References Edit

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