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Jewel is in need of more information! Jewel is lacking More detail in the History. A completed history too, with information from the The Hungry Isle.

Biographical information

None; hails from the city of Broome.




Uncertain, between 16 and 18.

Physical description




Hair color

Shaved, head patterned with swirling red to guard against dragons.

Skin color


Personal information

Unnamed brothers
Unnamed cousins
Unnamed aunt



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Chronological and political information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

Jewel is a young woman of Broome. She is a candidate in the Rosalyn Trust competition.[1]

History Edit

Early Life Edit

At an early age Jewel would take part in trading voyages from Broome across the Sea of Serpents. Jewel received a golden armband on her fourteenth birthday, a custom followed in her family. Each of Jewel's brothers supposedly received an armband as well. In addition to her brothers, Jewel is known to have an aunt, and cousins. 

Shadows of the Master Edit

Jewel registers as a candidate in the Rosalyn Trust competition, and walks a long way from Broome to take part. She meets Britta near the harbour graveyard, and despite them being rivals for the apprenticeship, acts kindly toward her. She wakes Britta when it is time to go into the Traders' Hall when she could have left her to be late and be taken out of the running. In the Traders' Hall, it is clear that the other candidates (mainly traders' daughters) think her an oddity and are repelled by her, going so far as to move to another chair when Jewel sits down beside them. Though Jewel makes light of it, Britta can see that she is more hurt by it than she seems.

Jewel warns Britta not to touch or turn over her exam paper before the examination time begins, to avoid being disqualified. Britta is grateful for the help, as it prevents her from making a costly error, and later repays the favour by giving Jewel advice on a question Mab might ask her in the interview. After the examination is over, the interviews begin. Jewel is certain that she will never receive an interview, for she feels that she made a fool of herself before the testing time by asking Sorrel if he could tell them the names of the ports the Star of Deltora would be sailing to. However, she is shocked when she receives an interview, and further shocked when she is announced as one of four finalists.

Because Jewel, Britta, Sky and Vashti scored evenly on the initial test and interview, they are given another challenge-- to use one gold coin to make the best trade possible within the time frame of two hours. They may only walk within the harbour. Jewel objects to this, as it means that Vashti will have an advantage over the other candidates because she has grown up in the harbour. However, Mab tells her that although she knows that the test is unfair, they do not have enough time to think of a better one as the Star of Deltora sails at dawn.
Bone handled knife

The bone-handled knife that Jewel traded for.

Jewel returns to the meeting place in the harbour with a fine bone-handled knife from Hotnots & Sons worth two gold pieces. She seems happy when Britta makes it back just in time with her own trade, and appears surprised when she hears of Britta's misadventure. After Britta's unique trade of a blue glazed candlestick makes it clear that she has won the challenge, with Vashti a close second, it seems as if there will be only the two finalists, for Mab has no wish to stage another impromptu test to break the tie between Sky and Jewel. Fortunately, Sorrel remembers that the exact wording of the Rosalyn Trust specifically said that there must be at least three finalists to come aboard the ship, and so all four candidates are allowed to sail aboard the Star of Deltora when it leaves at dawn.

Mab offers Jewel a place to sleep in the Traders' Hall, and Jewel accepts. At dawn, she sets sail with the other candidates aboard the ship.[1]

Two Moons Edit

Sky, Vashti and Britta draw straws to decide who will share a cabin with Jewel -- Britta draws the short straw. Jewel is pleased and surprised when Britta manages to choose the largest cabin for them, and wonders how she knew, but Britta claims it was a hunch. Jewel and Britta stow their belongings in their cabin, and Jewel warns Britta not to touch her weapons. On the deck of the Star of Deltora, Vashti insults Jewel, calling her an ignorant savage. Jewel takes Vashti by the neck and threatens her, but Mab intervenes and warns Jewel that another violent incident will have her off the ship. Mab then reveals the locations where the Star of Deltora will make port -- Maris, Two Moons, and Illica. Jewel expresses excitement at the thought of trading in Two Moons, and confusion over trading in Illica, which she had never heard of. The four competitors are told to search out the reading room for information on the three ports. Jewel purposely mentions greasy food in front of the seasick Sky, causing him to be sick over the side of the ship. Jewel cheerfully remarks that now there will be fewer people vying for the best books in the reading room.[2]

The Towers of Illica Edit

Jewel initially moves out of the cabin she and Britta share.

Jewel later aids Sky to haul Britta back on board the Star of Deltora when Britta is thrown overboard by an unknown attacker. After explaining she was not Britta's attacker in Del, she works with Britta to collect information about Illica from The Trader's Guide To Illica. Jewel also moves back into Britta's and her double cabin.

Upon landing in Illica, Jewel is invited to stay in the tower of the Collector, Madam Bell-Slink. She and Britta, while exploring Illica, discover Sky has left the ship, and follow him to the final hiding place of the pirate Bar-Enoch. Jewel refuses to partake of the treasure found within Bar-Enoch's refuge.

During her subsequent stay at Madam Bell-Slink's tower, Jewel, scared of suffocation in the bedchamber she is given, breaks out of the tower and returns to the Star of Deltora. She boards with little trouble when Sky is on night watch. The following morning, Mab is forced to pay for the damages incurred by the tower doors when Jewel left. Jewel fears she has been disgraced, and is left with little chance of winning the Rosalyn competition.[3]

The Hungry Isle Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Jewel is tall and broad-shouldered. She wears masculine clothes, a wide band of gold clasped around one arm, and matching earrings the size of jam jar lids. She carries a knife at her belt and a pouch of spears on her back. Her head is shaved and decorated with patterns of swirling red, as is the custom in Broome.[1] Britta initally mistakes Jewel for a "deckhand." It is later revealed that the gold band around Jewel's arm is a weapon known as a kish.[4]

Personality Edit

Jewel can be loud and exuberant, and often jokes and makes light of the present situation. She appears confident on the outset (Britta notes her 'richly confident voice') but it is clear that the traders' daughters' rejection of her hurts her deeply, though she refuses to show it. She is very courteous, even toward those who are her competitors, and tries to act friendly. In this way, she befriends Britta.

Jewel is also shown to be a generous person, as she chooses to wake Britta up in time for the Rosalyn Trust competition instead of leaving her to oversleep and miss it (and thus take her out of the running for the apprenticeship). This generosity is further shown when Jewel warns Britta not to touch her examination paper before the examination writing time begins, lest she be disqualified.[1]    

Jewel is also shown to be cunning, as she notices Sky's seasickness and talks loudly about her favourite food in his presence, causing him to be sick so that he will not be able to get hold of the best books in the library cabin before Jewel does. 

Abilities Edit

Not much is known about Jewel's abilities at present. However, it can be assumed that, as she is from Broome, she is a reasonably good dancer and is capable of fending for herself whenever needed. She seems to be a skilled trader as well, as she makes a good bargain of a gold coin in exchange for a knife with a fine hilt worth two gold coins during the additional challenge set by Mab.[1]

In The Towers of Illica, Jewel reveals she can detect Sky's scent, but is unable to use it to track him.   

Relationships Edit

Britta Edit

Jewel first meets Britta outside the harbour graveyard, and although they are both rivals, she acts cheerful and courteous towards her. When it is time to go into the Traders' Hall, she is generous enough to wake Britta up so she will not be late and miss the examination. Later, she warns Britta not to touch her exam paper before the writing time begins, lest she be disqualified. This helps Britta avoid a terrible mistake, as she admits to herself that she would have touched the paper if Jewel had not warned her not to.

All through the examination and interview time in the Hall, Jewel acts friendly toward Britta, and cheerfully calls her 'little nodnap'. It appears as if she is willing to become friends, though Britta is slightly wary of her because they are both rivals for the apprenticeship and are competing against each other.[1]      

Relatives Edit

Appearances Edit

Star of Deltora Edit

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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