Jell is a naturally occurring red substance found in Dorne. It is as soft as butter, and stains whatever it touches. It is used as a cheap dye for cloth in Weld[1] and also has the ability to speed the breeding and adaption process of plants and animals. The larger the quantity of jell present, the faster a species can adapt.[2]

It was considered a nuisance in Weld, as the smallest contamination of it stopped mud from drying, spoiling bricks.[1]

History Edit

The Silver Door Edit

Jell had become an extremely valuable resource in the alternative future Dorne. It was mined by workers and used to breed advanced skimmers.[2]

The Third Door Edit

Jell was responsible for the Skimmers breeding in the caverns of the Wall. After that realisation, the Jell was removed and used for trading.[3]

References Edit

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