Jasmines nest
Jasmine's nest
General information

Del tribe


Jasmine (formerly)
Filli (formerly)
Kree (formerly)

Physical information

First Wood, Forests of Silence


Topaz territory




Jasmine (formerly)

Chronological information
First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Location on map
Map of Topaz territory
Jasmine's nest served as her home in the Forests of Silence for seven years after her parents, Jarred and Anna, were taken by Grey Guards. The nest was made of woven branches and twigs perched high in a huge, twisted tree that grew by itself in a mossy clearing.[1]


After Jarred and Anna were taken captive by Grey Guards, Jasmine escaped deep within First Wood. She built the nest by herself in a high tree, and filled it with the things the few things she was able to save from the old, burned down home after the Guards burned it down. After meeting Filli and Kree, the nest became their home as well.[1]

The Forests of Silence Edit

After rescuing Lief and Barda from the Wennbar, Jasmine took them back to the nest to explain about the forests and the Wennbar. There she fed them and after Lief and Barda explained their quest, the three left for The Dark.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Nest is high above the ground
Jasmines nest 2

Jasmine inviting Lief and Barda to eat in her nest.


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