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Belt of Deltora300
Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Ava, whose symbol was the eye, was blind!

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Biographical information
Alternative name(s)

Birdie of Bushtown


Del tribe


First Wood, Forests of Silence (formerly)
Palace of Del


16 (first series)
17 (second series)
18 (third series)

Physical description




Hair color

Black (books)
Green (anime)

Personal information

Doom (father)
Anna (mother; deceased)
Lief (husband)
Endon (father-in-law)
Sharn (mother-in-law)
Anna II (dauther)
Endon II (son)
Jarred II (son)
Filli (best friend and pet)
Kree (best friend and pet)




The Shadow Lord
Grey Guards

Weapon of choice


Chronological and political information



Queen of Deltora

First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Last appearance

The Sister of the South

Voiced by

Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese)
Laura Rushfeldt (English)

Jasmine is current Queen of Deltora and the wife of Lief. She is a wild girl that grew up in the Forests of Silence and because of this, she is capable of understanding and speaking to animals and trees.


Early life

Anna was pregnant with Jasmine toward the end of Part I of The Forests of Silence, and Jarred mentioned that she was due to be born in early autumn. After fleeing Del, Jarred and Anna were travelling to Tora when they received a message stating that the Torans refused to grant them (who the Torans believed to be Endon and Sharn) sanctuary. Jarred and Anna then sought refuge in the Forests of Silence, which is where Jasmine was born a few months later.

When Jasmine was seven years old, Jarred and Anna were taken by Grey Guards who had taken the long road from Del. Jasmine witnessed their capture. Anna signalled to her to stay hidden in the ferns until it was safe, which Jasmine did. When they were gone, Jasmine waited for her parents to come back but they never did. Jasmine gathered the belongings that were not burnt in the fire and made another home for herself in the treetops. Soon after this, Jasmine discovered that she could talk to trees and animals in the Forests. She befriended the trees, and 'adopted' the blackbird Kree into her family went he came to the Forests while fleeing from the Sorceress Thaegan. She rescued Filli from the Wennbar using a potion her mother had made long ago for such things, and he too became part of her family.    

The Forests of Silence

After Jarred and Anna switched places with Endon and Sharn, they fled to the Forests of Silence, and it was here that Jasmine was born and raised. When she was seven years old, Grey Guards went through the forests and, finding her parents, took them to the Shadowlands. She continued to live in the Forests of Silence with her animal companions, Filli and Kree. She meets Barda and Lief in The Forest of Silence when they are paralyzed by the Wenn. She takes Lief's cloak and leaves him, only returning when Lief explains that it was made by his mother. Revealing that Lief and Barda are not Grey Guards, she cures them with a potion, enabling them to escape. She takes them to her home, a nest in the treetops, and shares her food and drink with them. She tells them of how she came to live alone in the Forests.She reluctantly agrees to take them to a place called 'The Dark', where Lief and Barda are sure the topaz is hidden (although they do not tell her that). After Lief and Barda leave her to go down to the Forest floor in The Dark, Jasmine goes to the trees which are bound by the vines and asks them to sacrifice one of their limbs to destroy Gorl. They agree, saying that the sacrifice of one limb is worth the price of freedom.

After Gorl is defeated, Jasmine sees a vision of her mother (by touching the topaz) who tells her to leave the Forests and join Lief and Barda on their quest to restore the gems to the Belt of Deltora. As a result, Jasmine, Kree and Filli leave the Forests with Barda and Lief towards their next goal: the Lake of Tears.

The Lake of Tears

City of the Rats

The Shifting Sands

Dread Mountain

The Maze of the Beast

The Valley of the Lost

Return to Del

Cavern of The Fear

In the second series Jasmine finds Josef, the old Del Palace Librarian. With the help of the Deltora Annals, Jasmine and Glock (believed to be the last surviving member of the Jalis tribe) travel underground to try and find the secret path to the Shadowlands. After Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Glock defeats The Fear, in which Glock gets crushed to death. Jasmine finds the mouth piece of the Pirran Pipe in Glock's pouch that was around his neck, which in fact, hung around a Goblin's neck years ago.

The Isle of Illusion

The Shadowlands

Dragon's Nest


Isle of the Dead

The Sister of the South

In the final series, Jasmine finds the second map piece in Rolf the Capricon's cloak (Rolf's home town Capra, actually ruined and destroyed by Dragons). In the third book in the trilogy. In the fourth one of the third series: The Sister of the South, Jasmine kills an Ak-Baba when they are protecting Hira, an old city of the Plains tribe peoples and its territory, now it is only the City of the Rats.


Jasmine is known to be witty and a very fast thinker and is usually the one to solve riddles. She is also very stubborn, and quick to jump to conclusions. From growing up in the forest, she has the ability to talk and listen to animals and trees. This also gives her a deep connection with animals, whome she cares about as if they were people.

In the anime, Jasmine was very jealous when she saw a girl with Lief, such as Neridah or Françoise.

Physical appearance

The book describes Jasmine as having long, black hair that was tangled and wild. She is apparently well built, and physically strong, as she is shown managing to leap through trees with relative ease.

The anime depicts her with green hair, opposed to black hair. In Deltora Quest: 7-tsu no Houseki game, her hair is a mix of black and brown.


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Anna II
Endon II
Jarred II




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