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Illica is in need of more information! Illica is lacking a complete history from The Towers of Illica.

"Illica is the most remote trading island in the Silver Sea"
The Islands of the Silver Sea[1]

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The Collectors

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In the Silver Sea

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The Towers of Illica (only appearance)

Illica is an island in the Silver Sea and is home to three clans known as The Collectors. It is the most remote trading island in the Silver Sea and traders rarely visit. The island has many castle-like towers which the clans of The Collectors use as museums of objects collected over centuries by different generations.[1]


Two Moons Edit

Britta read of Illica in The Islands of the Silver Sea during her research in the Star of Deltora's reading room. Neither her or the other finalists knew much of the island, as its strange inhabitants warranted little trading.[1]

The Towers of Illica Edit

Culture Edit

Language Edit

The Illicans speak a foreign language. Some words of the language are halish, po, ingesni, se and soffa. The word soffa is either a kind of dye or the word for the colour blue.

Architecture Edit

Geography Edit

Illica is a round island almost completely ringed by high cliffs and underwater rocks. Ships must pass through a narrow gap in the cliffs to reach the island's only harbour.

Appearances Edit

Star of Deltora Edit

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References Edit

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