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Captain of the Star of Deltora


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Shadows of the Master

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Hara is a captain in the Rosalyn fleet.[1]

History Edit

Early life Edit

Shadows of the Master Edit

One the day of the Rosalyn Trust competition Hara interrupted Mab, Zoolah, Sorrel and the finalists Britta, Jewel, Sky and Vashti in the conference room of the Traders' Hall to warn Mab that the Star of Deltora must be ready to sail by dawn, but Mab assured him that they would be ready in time. Soon before the challenge ended, Hara found Britta alone in an alley, and immediately hurried her back to the meeting place, so that they arrived just as the clock bells tolled.

Hara set sail on the Star of Deltora along with Mab and the finalists, as he is the captain of the ship.[1]

Two Moons Edit

The Towers of Illica Edit

The Hungry Isle Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Hara is described as a bulky man, with coal-black skin and a well-clipped pepper-and-salt beard. He has grey hair that is tied into a short tail, which is covered by a peaked cap bearing the emblem of the Rosalyn fleet.[1]

Personality Edit

Hara is friendly and courteous toward others. He is a fair and able ship's captain.[1]

Abilities Edit

Hara is a ship's captain and thus must be reasonably good at sailing a ship.[1]

Relationships Edit

Nothing is known about Hara's relationships yet.[1]

Relatives Edit

Appearances Edit

Star of Deltora Edit

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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