Green Beast
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Dread Mountain




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Tales of Deltora

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Secrets of Deltora

Green Beasts are lizardlike creatures created by the Shadow Lord. They occasionally roamed around Dread Mountain.[1]

History Edit

The Green Beasts were created sometime before the Shadow Lord's first invasion of Deltora. Exactly where they fit into the Shadow Army is unclear, but occasionally some would escape from the Shadowlands and prowl the Dread Mountain area.[1]

Tales of Deltora Edit

A group of Dread Gnomes were hunting a Green Beast when Adin came to Dread Mountain to ask for the Emerald for the Belt of Deltora. The Gnomes captured him and intended to use him as bait for the beast, but their trap failed and the beast nearly killed their leader — Az-Zure —before Adin was able to slay it.[1]

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran the Dragonlover wrote about the Green Beasts in his traveller's guide Secrets of Deltora.[2]

Dread Mountain Edit

The Kin whom Lief, Barda, and Jasmine met never mentioned the Green Beasts when they spoke about the dangers of Dread Mountain, so it is possible the Green Beasts had gone extinct by this time or at least on Dread Mountain.[3]

Anatomy Edit

Green Beasts are large, bipedal green-scaled lizards with three-clawed hands and orange eyes. The scales on their bodies are thick enough to repel weapons, but their throat-scales are less durable and can be pierced by a spear, sword, or heavy arrow.[1]

Behaviour Edit

Green Beasts are highly aggressive and will attack nearly anything that they encounter, but they are not particularly intelligent.[2]

Diet Edit

Green Beasts are carnivorous and will eat most living creatures.[2]

Habitat Edit

Green Beasts roamed through the Shadowlands, though occasionally some would venture into the area around Dread Mountain.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Green Beasts could be seen as a prototype to the Vraal, since both are humanoid green reptiles created by the Shadow Lord.

References Edit

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