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Gorl (brother)
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The Forests of Silence (only appearance)

Greddock was a brother of Gorl, who was killed by Gorl to protect the Lilies of Life.[1]

History Edit

Long before Adin became king of Deltora, Geddock went into the Forests of Silence with his brothers Gorl and Gudden to search for the Lilies of Life. They eventually found the flowers in the centre of the Forests, but when Greddock and Gudden ran towards the lilies, Gorl fought both of his brothers to the death to take the nectar for himself.[1]

The story of the three Jalis brothers became a Tenna Birdsong tale known as The Tale of the Three Knights.

The Forests of Silence Edit

When Barda distracts Gorl with memories of his past life, Gorl remembers his brothers and how he killed them for the Lilies.[1]

References Edit

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