"Every year it demands a living sacrifice. If the people delay, it beats the water and creates great waves that flood the island and destroy the village. They do not dare to defy it."

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The Glimmer


The Fear satisfied for another year
No destruction



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Cavern of The Fear (only appearance)

The Giving was an annual ceremony by the Plumes of sacrifice to The Fear.[1]

Ever since The Fear occupied The Glimmer, it demanded a single sacrifice annually from the Plumes. This sacrifice would feed the creature and it continued to grow for hundreds of years. To decide which of the them would be sacrificed, elderly Plumes cast lots. When the sacrifice is chosen, known as the Gift, the ceremony of preparation would begin. The Gift is placed inside a cage and taken to Giving Bay. The Piper quiets the crowd and begins wordlessly high singing. As they walk, other Plumes join in until the song halts after reaching the bay. There, the cage door is opened and is hoisted and lowered into the cave.

If the Plumes delayed in their offering, The Fear beat against the waters, creating waves that would flood the island and destroy their village.[1]

History Edit

The Giving was performed for hundreds of years, allowing The Fear to grow. At some point early in the The Fear's annual sacrifices, a drawing of a Plume being devoured by The Fear with ten tentacles was etched upon the surface of the cage.[1]

Cavern of The Fear Edit

The elder Plumes cast lots, which fell onto Nols. She was being prepared when Jasmine and Glock were brought ashore. The crowd that had gathered cheered, as the two strangers could replace the much loved Plume woman. They placed the two into the cage and Worron and were about to begin preparing the new Gifts when Clef and Azan arrived with Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Glock. Lead by Worron, he attempted to sacrifice the group, in hope that four Gifts would satisfy The Fear for many years.[1]

Appearances Edit

Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 2 Edit

References Edit

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