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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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The Gem Guardians were the keepers of the Gems following the destruction of the Belt of Deltora. Each of the gems were taken to the most feared places in Deltora by the Shadow Lord's seven Ak-Baba. One to the Lake of Tears, the City of the Rats, the Shifting SandsDread Mountain, The Maze of the Beast, The Valley of the Lost, and the Forests of Silence.[1] Each of the gems remained close to their territory and there the guardians were either entrusted with the protection of the gems by the Shadow Lord or simply unaware of the gems presence as they guarded their own territory.

The GuardiansEdit


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The guardian of the Topaz, located within the depths of the Forests of Silence (known as "The Dark" by Jasmine), was a golden knight by the name of Gorl. He was enchanted by the Lilies of Life before the seven tribes were united by Adin, serving as their guardian for a long time. He was destroyed by a fallen tree branch, cut loose by Jasmine.[1]

Lief riding Soldeen (anime)

Lief, riding on Soldeen - Ruby in hand


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The guardian of the Ruby was Soldeen. He was a giant eel-like-beast who guarded the Lake of Tears. Soldeen was turned into a monster by the sorceress Thaegan.

Soldeen offered to trade the Ruby in exchange for Manus, a young Raladin boy who accompanied Lief, Barda and Jasmine to the Lake. Lief refused the offer and proceeded to attack Soldeen, defending his friend. Weakened by Lief's determination to die for a friend and the will of the Topaz, Soldeen agreed to hand over the gem to Lief. The gem was hidden in the hands of a weeping rock. Thaegan then appeared, ready to kill the adventurers. Thaegen was ultimately killed by Kree, who drew blood on her magic-wielding finger; her only weakness. This, in turn, broke the curse on Soldeen, D'Or and the Raladin race. Soldeen was freed, later revealed to be Nanion - the leader of the D'Or people.[2]


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Reeah guardian of the Opal.

The guardian of the Opal, dwelling within the City of the Rats was the giant serpent, Reeah. The rat-catchers of Hira (later known as the Ra-Kacharz of Noradz) snuck him into the city and fed him rats until he was big and strong. He eventually took control of the city, driving out the Hiran people. Later, he was given the Opal by the Shadow Lord and was tasked with protecting it. Reeah talked to Lief telepathically upon the trio's entry to the city, claiming that the power of the opal imbedded into his crown told him of their arrival. He tried to convince Lief to remove the Belt since the he feared the ruby. Lief resisted and outwitted Reeah, provoking an attack. During the battle, Lief was almost killed but was saved by the bottled nectar of the Lilies of Life. Reeah was defeated by Jasmine, who slit his throat.[3]

The HiveEdit

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The Hive.

The guardian of the Lapis-lazuli, hidden in the centre of the Shifting Sands, is the Hive. Residing under the sand, the Hive is a swarm of bee-like creatures. The only entrance to the Hive was through a rocky cone which Barda at first mistook for a volcano. The Hive’s creatures cause sand storms, shifting the sands, and collecting anything in its path. Gold, jewels, glass, bleached-white bones make up the structure of their home - a giant pyramid of death that houses their young and queen.

When the Lapis-lazuli was dropped in the sands, it was taken to the Hive and used as a part of the pyramid. Lief descended down into the Hive with a smoking torch. He remembered advice from his encounter with Queen Bee which gave him the idea of calming them with smoke, which worked. Lief found the Lapis-lazuli supporting the roof of an empty cell, wedged in carefully. He realised that removing the gem would cause the structure to collapse and bring the Hive’s fury upon him, so he used Jasmine’s small wooden bird as a replacement in order to secure the Lapis-lazuli.[4]


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Lief mid-battle with Gellick (anime)

Lief, mid-battle with the formidable Gellick.

The guardian of the Emerald, sat amongst mountains of the Dread Gnome's treasure, was the great Gellick. He was a vast Ooze Toad who cruelly ruled over the enslaved gnomes in Dread Mountain. Long ago he offered the gnomes access to his poison which killed creatures instantly in return for their servitude. He forced the gnomes to farm thousands of fattened flies in breeding caves to feed him.

The emerald was given to him by the Shadow Lord and Gellick wore the gem upon his brow. Lief, Barda and Jasmine fell for one of the Dread Gnome's traps and found themselves sealed within an air-tight room. Using the Dreaming Spring water, the companions watched and learned as the gnomes scurried about Gellick's disgusting form collecting the poison in vials and feeding him the bred flies. They used what they found out to escape the room and convince the gnomes to bring them to their lord. During the fight, they found out that the poison collected by the gnomes were in the Grey Guard's blisters, which had no effect on Gellick. Lief in a last ditch effort, threw his water bottle into the beast's gaping maw. Gellick then turned into a tree and the Emerald fell into Lief's hand.[5]

The GlusEdit

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The guardian of the Amethyst is the Glus, a giant slug-like-beast who lurked in the wet, blue-lit depths of the Maze of the Beast. Lief, Barda and Jasmine were thrown into the Maze of the Beast and immediately hunted by the Glus. Lief realised that every splash they made drew the Glush towards them as that was how it found its prey. They stood still while the pirate, Milne that had been thrown in with them splashed loudly as he ran away from the monster. The Glus was quickly upon him, spraying silky threads upon him that were to bind him. Lief found the Amethyst hidden within a pillar of stone. He chipped away at the stone until he finally grasped the gem. Lief, Barda and Jasmine fled through a hole that Lief made bigger. The Glus made no attempt to come after them, instead focusing on resealing its lair.[6]

The GuardianEdit

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The Guardian of the Great Diamond.

Anime Edit

In the anime, how the fights play out and the Gem Guardians' fates are a bit different. 

Gorl Edit

Gorl, after getting crushed by the fallen tree branch cut loose by Jasmine, gets back up. He sees the Lilies of Life have bloomed and races off into the light. His armour crumbles by the sunlight and Lief makes a comment that since his body had long since turned to dust, he couldn't exist in the light.[7]

Soldeen Edit

Reeah Edit

Lief fights Reeah after the Topaz breaks him free of the guardian's control. He stabs Reeah in the side which makes the guardian turn into three snakes. Lief gets knocked around a bit by the guardian before knocks the crown, holding the Opal off Reeah's head. This made Reeah freak out, bringing down the building onto himself.[8]

The Hive Edit

The Hive is depicted as a colony of bees rather than bee-like creatures. They're sentient and formed human faces when interacting with the companions. The Hive frequently tried to talk Lief into giving them the Belt but was unsuccessful. After retrieving the Lapis Lazuli, Jasmine threw a blister at the bees, burning most of them.[9]

Gellick Edit

The Glus Edit

The Guardian Edit


  • Though it's never stated in the book series, Gorl was a member of Jalis. The story known as The Tale of the Three Knights, which is one of the Tenna Birdsong Tale, tell of Gorl's journey into the Forests of Silence with his brothers Greddock and Gudden.[10]
  • The Gem Guardians all parallel recurring tropes in the fantasy genre. Gorl is a Knight, Thaegan is a sorceress/witch which are the two most common character types; Reeah is a snake, Soldeen is a sea monster, both of which are considered sources of fear, symbols of evil and obstacles of overcome in western literature; The Guardian and Soldeen are cursed to be evil which is a common trope for the anti-hero character archetype; the Glus, Reeah and Gellick are abnormally large animals that are also highly intelligent and powerful foes; the Hive shares its name and sake with the concept of a Hive minded species, which is a species of a multiple conscious entity split between more than one body, yet in this case it is more akin to the bees that it is based off and it is never fully revealed if the Hive is in fact a hive minded species of bee.

References Edit

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