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The Four Sisters
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The Sister of the South

The Four Sisters were four evil creatures created by the Shadow Lord. He based them on the Tenna Birdsong Tale The Four Sisters, who he himself once encountered. They were located in the farthest corners of Deltora: Dragon's Nest, Shadowgate, the Isle of the Dead, and Del.


During the time of King Lucan, the king's chief advisor, the Shadow Lord had put in place the Sisters of the north, south, east and west. Each Sister was accompanied by a tombstone-like warning stone with a rhyming verse. Once in place the Sisters would sing a poisonous song that would slowly bring death to the land of Deltora.[1] Doran marked the places of the Sisters on one of his maps before he was forced to be the guardian of the Sister of the West.[2] His map was torn into fragments and marked with a twisted rhyme that revealed what would happen to the land upon the destruction of the Four Sisters.[3]

Doran had convinced the remaining dragons to sleep until a king wearing the Belt of Deltora awakened them, because he saw how they were being systematically exterminated one by one by the Shadow Lord's Ak Baba. Not knowing that he was unintentionally helping the Shadow Lord's plans by making the dragons sleep there was nothing that could destroy the Sisters.[1]

None of the people of Deltora knew that there was anything wrong for they became familiar the with song that was quietly poisoning the land. It wasn't until Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Doom tried to break the Crystal on the third floor of the palace, did they learn of the Shadow Lord's plan. It was in the table the crystal was embedded into that they found the first map fragment.[1]

Lief, Barda and Jasmine destroyed each of the Sisters with the help of the remaining dragons. However, they soon realised it was a trap created by the Shadow Lord. If the Four Sisters were killed, an ooze known as the grey tide would emerge from the centre of Deltora and flood the land, destroying every living thing until nothing was left. If one did not kill the Sisters, the land would die slowly and the people would suffer heavily.[3]

Each Sister was placed at one of the extreme points of Deltora, locations from which, if lines were traced on a map, crossed over Hira, the City of the Rats, where their songs sealed the grey tide. Each location was marked by a warning stone to travellers, though the stone in Del was personally intended for whichever royal family member found it.[3]


Dragon's Nest warning stone

The warning stone near Dragon's Nest.

Sister of the East

The Sister of the East was the first Sister encountered by Lief, Barda and Jasmine, and was hidden in Dragon's Nest. This Sister is a yellow, pulsating egg (appropriate for its location). It was destroyed by the combined efforts of Lief and Joyeu after Joyeu uncovered it from the Nest.[1]
Shadowgate warning stone

The warning stone at Shadowgate.

Sister of the North

The second of the Four Sisters encountered, the Sister of the North, was a pale, bloated serpent which was veined in yellow and grey, with no eyes, fangs, or tongue, though it retained a mouth through which it sang its song. It was hidden at the bottom of a pit of snakes in Kirsten's castle at Shadowgate, uncovered when the other snakes fled from the power of the Ruby, and then destroyed by Honora after she destroyed the roof to rescue Lief.[4]
Isle of the Dead warning stone

The warning stone at the Isle of the Dead.

Sister of the West

The third Sister encountered, the Sister of the West, was a shapeless, jelly-like creature, creamy in colour and veined with pink and grey. It was placed inside Doran the Dragonlover, in the lair of the Kobb on the Isle of the Dead, the song of the Sister driving the Kobb from the cave. Lief, Barda, Jasmine, Veritas and the newly hatched Diamond dragon travelled to the Isle and found Doran, whose fate had been unknown to Deltora. At Doran's request, Veritas took his breath, causing him to crumble and reveal the Sister of the West, which Veritas promptly destroyed.[2]
Del warning stone

The warning stone in Del.

Sister of the South

The Sister of the South was the fourth and final Sister encountered. It was a grey gem, veined in red, deliberately made as a mockery of the gems in the Belt of Deltora. The Sister was hidden beneath the platform in the chapel of the palace of Del, an addition made without the knowledge of its Ralad builders. After Manus' angered outburst regarding the platform and the realisation that Drumm had arranged for it to be constructed, Lief realised that this was where the Sister had been hidden, and he uncovered it. The Sister of the South was beneath its warning stone, forcing Barda to break the stone and temporarily blinding him. The fourth Sister was quickly revealed to be the most powerful of them all, successfully tempting Lief with promises of power for a brief time. Fidelis dug into the palace foundations to uncover the Sister, which began to affect the entire city. The Shadow Lord, impatient to spring its trap, withdrew the power of the Sister of the South and the Phantom that guarded it, allowing Fidelis to destroy it.[3]


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