A steam-driven metal wagon was used by the trader Four-Eyes as his personal main mode of transport in the alternative future Dorne, a giant steam-driven metal vehicle used to store and transport wares and goods to the locations of his customers.

History Edit

The Silver Door Edit

Characteristics Edit


Four-Eyes' symbol painted on the side of his wagon.

The vehicle was mechanical and steam-driven, meaning that it did not need any animals or people to drag or push it. It was a gigantic vehicle made of many odd sheets of metal bolted together, which gave it the impression of an enormous armoured turtle with a high, square shell. At its nose was a chimney, from which steam billowed, wreathing the vehicle in a moist, foul-smelling haze, and a rusty tank bulged at its rear. In place of wheels the wagon had vast metal rollers. On one side of the vehicle was a vividly coloured sign bearing Four-Eyes' symbol with the text "The fairest trader in the Scour!" which had been painted with haste by an untrained hand.

Appearances Edit

The Three Doors Edit

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