"There is a danger of falling foul of patches of quicksand, which can be well disguised by Fool's Lawn, a type of waterweed that mimics grass."
— Doran, in Secrets of Deltora[1]

Fool's Lawn is a type of waterweed that mimics grass. It is often found in Ruby territory, covering patches of quicksand, disguising them from the naked eye.[1]

History Edit

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran wrote about Fool's Lawn in his book, Secrets of Deltora.[1]

The Lake of Tears Edit

Lief, Barda and Jasmine came across the house belonging to two of Thaegan's children named Jin and Jod's, which has a ring of quicksand around it covered by Fool's Lawn. Thinking it to be normal grass, the companions stepped out onto the circle and sank into the quicksand. They were saved by Jin and Jod disguised magically as an elderly couple referring to themselves and Nij and Doj.[2]


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