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The Masked Ones250
Ava, whose symbol was the eye, was blind!

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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Fleshbane high
General information

Blood Lily Island


The flesh and blood of any living creatures.



Chronological information
First appearance

The Deltora Book of Monsters

Last appearance

Isle of the Dead

Fleshbanes are parasitic creatures that share a symbiotic relationship with Blood Lilies. They are found solely on Blood Lily Island.



At some point in the past, Jalis knights entered the Blood Lily patch in full armour to test the length of the flowers' pollen. The armour offered protection against the threat of the Fleshbanes.

The Deltora Book of Monsters Edit

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Isle of the DeadEdit

Lief, Barda and Jasmine narrowly escaped from a horde of Fleshbanes during their time on Blood Lily Island. There they discovered the bones of Forta, the Dragon of the diamond, who had fallen asleep on the island and fell prey to the spread of the Blood Lillies and Fleshbanes.


Fleshbanes share a symbiotic relationship with the Blood Lily flower. The Blood Lilies' scent and nectar attract prey and their pollen numbs their extremities. The Fleshbanes, perfectly camouflaged as Blood Lily petals, take advantage of this and suck as much blood as they can from the unsuspecting victims, often to the point of death. The corpses of the Fleshbanes' prey fertilize the ground and help the Blood Lilies grow. The creatures also keep the flowers clean of pests. Fleshbanes are, however, entirely dependant on the Blood Lilies and, as Doran notes, could not survive without them.


Flesbanes disguised among Blood Lillies.


Fleshbanes have adapted to look virtually identical to the petals of Blood Lilies. They are beetle-like creatures that are predominantly blood red. Their short, black legs resemble the fuzz around the edges of the Lily petals, while their antennae are yellow and resemble the flowers' stamen. While normally fairly small and thin, they can bloat quickly given sufficient time to feed. They have razor-sharp pincers, used to cut through their victims' skin.


Because of their dependence on Blood Lilies, Fleshbanes are only found on Blood Lily Island in the Jalis Territory. The Blood Lily patch was at one point only located in the south section of the island, but over time the Lilies spread to cover almost the entire island, and the Fleshbanes came with them.


Fleshbanes, true to their name, feed on the flesh and blood of anything they come across. This usually includes birds and other animals, but they have also been known to feed on humans. Forta, the dragon of the diamond, was eaten in her sleep and stripped to the bone by Fleshbanes.

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