Flesh Python
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The Forests of Silence



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Secrets of Deltora

Flesh Pythons are snakes found in the Forests of Silence.[1]


Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran wrote about Flesh Pythons in Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Flesh Pythons dwell on the ground in all woods of the Forests of Silence.[1]


Flesh Pythons are so called because of their glistening red, apparently skinless appearance. However, they do in fact have skin, but they exude a slime that creates the impression. Flesh Pythons have no fangs. Most Flesh Pythons are about the length of a large eel, but Doran claims to have seen some twice or three times that size.[1]

Behaviour Edit

Flesh pythons kill their prey by strangling them and swallowing them whole. They usually sleep coiled in fern beds during the day, coming out in great numbers to hunt by night.[1]


Flesh Pythons eat any living creature they can take unware, including members of their own species. Siskis are easy prey for Flesh Pythons. Dragons and the Wennbar eat Flesh Pythons if they catch them.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Flesh pythons cannot climb trees

References Edit

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