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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Finn (anime)
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Robin (Anime only)



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Sword, knife.

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The Maze of the Beast (only appearance)

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Lucas Gilbertson (English dub)

Shigeru Shibuya (渋谷茂) (Japanese)

Finn was a pirate who patrolled along the River Tor.


Finn partook in the sacking of Where Waters Meet after the town refused to pay tribute to the pirates. He carved his name on several of the buildings.

The Maze of the BeastEdit

Finn attacked the River Queen on the night that Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Dain were aboard. He stole the Belt of Deltora from Lief, but retreated with the rest of the pirates when one of the passengers was revealed to be an Ol.

Later, he and Nak captured the companions when they arrived at the Maze of the Beast. He taunted Lief when he spotted him looking at the belt, not realising what it really was due to the leather casing Barda had bought from Steven. Lief was able to bribe Chett the Polypan—who had jumped onto the Pirate ship—to retrieve the belt from Finn.

He and Nak remained behind to guard the pirate's cave while the other went to trade Dain to the Grey Guards. They spotted the companions escaping the Maze of the Beast, and charged at them, swords drawn. However, they came too close to the Blowhole, which sprayed them with water and caused them to lose their footing before falling to their deaths.


Finn's role in the anime is the same as the book. However, he and Nak are not killed. Instead, the companions are able to overpower them, and leave them tied up to face the wrath of their fellow pirates for letting prisoners escape.

Physical appearanceEdit

Finn was described as having crooked teeth and being quite ugly. His nose almost reached to his chin.

In the anime, he is tanned skinned with dark brown hair, and a hooked nose.

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