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Unknown, wore golden wig.

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Hira leader

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Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

Fie was one of the leaders of Hira during the time of King Adin. She helped guide Adin to the Ralad Wilds.[1]

History Edit

Tales of Deltora Edit

Fie tried to convince Adin not to venture to the Ralad Wilds. Though she did not respect the Ralads, she respected Adin's wishes to visit them and helped guide him to the border between Opal territory and Ruby territory.

Fie fought in the Battle for Deltora alongside members of the Mere and Del tribes.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Like the rest of the Hira leaders, Fie wore a golden wig, expensive jewelery, and a long, stiff robe covered in embroidery.[1]

Personality Edit

Fie was the most outspoken of the Hira leaders in Adin's time. She respected Adin and supported his cause, but was ignorant of the Ralads' skill and cleverness and thought them not worth Adin's efforts to reach.[1]

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References Edit

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