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Dunn was Corris' second-in-command and succeeded him as Barda's deputy when Corris died.[1]


The Sister of the SouthEdit

When Corris died on the first day of the alleged Toran Plague, Dunn took over the guards. His command was considerably more lax than Corris', and the guards slacked off on their duties.

Barda hauled Dunn to the bird room after the messenger birds were found dead. He explained that he had stopped making inspections of certain areas of the palace, including the bird room, as the palace guards were shorthanded after numerous deaths from the Toran Plague. Dunn dropped one of the fliers that had spread the rumour of the Toran Plague, angering Lief. He was allowed to leave shortly afterward, though Barda commented that he would need to be replaced with a better leader.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

Dunn was a stocky, balding man with a red face, blue eyes, and a good-natured expression. Dunn wore the pale blue uniform of a palace guard. He also wore a red, silk scarf over his mouth to protect him from the Toran Plague.[1]


Dunn was a gullible man that wanted to be liked by everyone. These traits made him rather weak-willed and easily led. He was prone to taking the easy solution to problems and was unwilling to truly accept that he was wrong after making a decision; he believed in the Toran Plague even when told by the King of Deltora that it was a lie.[1]


Dunn was part of the palace guards in Del, the strongest organised fighting force in Deltora at the time, though his individual capabilities are unknown. Dunn was a poor leader, primarily because he was too eager to be liked by the other guards. He allowed the guards to shirk their duties and often cut corners to make his job easier.[1]

Appearances Edit

Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 3 Edit

References Edit

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