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Dread Mountain
General information

Dread Gnomes


Northwestern Deltora


Emerald territory




Capital of Emerald territory

Form of government

Dictatorship (formerly) Leadership (currently)

Head of State

Dictator (formerly) Leader (currently)


Gellick (formerly) Fa-Glin (currently)

Location on map
Map of Emerald territory
Dread mountain anime

Dread Mountain as it appears in the Deltora Quest anime.

"Its jagged surface was thick with cruel rocks and prickly dark green trees."
Emily Rodda[1]

Dread Mountain is a mountain to the northwest of Deltora. It is part of the border separating Deltora from the Shadowlands. Located in Emerald territory, the mountain is home to the Dread Gnomes, Kin, and formerly housed the Ooze Toad known as Gellick until the Shadow Lord was defeated. It was also the hiding place of the Emerald.[2]

History Edit

Tales of Deltora Edit

After the Land of Dragons and Pirra were merged during the battle of fire and water, the Dread Gnome tribe chose one of the largest mountains as their home, calling it Dread Mountain.

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Dread Mountain Edit

Isle of the Dead Edit

Habitat Edit

The mountain is covered in thick forests of Boolong trees broken by rivers. When the Kin lived on Dread Mountain, they fed on the Boolong trees cones, keeping the tree's population under control. After the Dread Gnomes drove them away, the trees blocked off most pathways along the mountain.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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