Dragon Lizard
Dragon Lizard
General information

Near rocks of the Os-Mine Hills in Topaz territory


Insects, birds, small snakes




Spiked back, claws,

Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

 Dragon Lizards are large gold quadrupedal lizards that live within the Os-Mine Hills. Their eggs were once highly prized as 'dragons' eggs' and sold as trinkets to people visiting Del.[1]


Secrets of DeltoraEdit


Dragon Lizard's could be found in the Os-Mine Hills.

Doran encountered several Dragon Lizards during his travels through the Os-Mine Hills and recorded them in his field guide, Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Dragon Lizards inhabit the Os-Mine Hills in Topaz territory. They are often found among rocks of foothills and in valley caves at higher levels.[1]


Gold in colour and as large as a calf, Dragon Lizards are sometimes mistaken for dragon young. Covered in scales and spikes on its head and back, the lizard has sharp teeth and four feet, ending in 3 claws.[1]


Dragon Lizards are harmless when left alone. However, they will bite and scratch humans if threatened. When it is time to lay, the Dragon Lizard will build a nest of pebbles, laying eggs no larger than duck eggs.[1]


Dragon Lizards eat only insects, birds and small snakes.[1] Butter Moths are relished by the Lizards.


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