"The soul-stone had shown him the secrets of Doran’s heart."
The Sister of the South[1]

Doran's soul-stone
General information
Owned by

Doran (formerly)

Created by

Unknown Pirran

In possession of

Pirrans (formerly)
Doran (formerly)
Lief (formerly)


Collect and store Doran's memories of the secret sea and the Pirran isles

Chronological information
First appearance

Isle of the Dead

Last appearance

The Sister of the South

Doran's soul-stone was a gift from the Pirrans of the secret underground isles to the Doran. Soul-stones are magic and collect one's memories.[2]

History Edit

Doran was gifted with a Soul-stone by the Auron tribe for showing them how to make fire after half their tribe had been stripped of magic and banished from the island of Auron. Doran carried the Soul-stone throughout his life, and it recorded his memories.[2]

The Shadowlands Edit

Penn told Lief, Barda, and Jasmine about Doran's Soul-stone when she gave the companions theirs.[2]

Isle of the Dead Edit

After Veritas took Doran's breath, his body crumbled, leaving behind his Soul-stone, among other objects.[3]

The Sister of the South Edit

Lief placed the Soul-stone among his silver flask at a grave they dedicated to him on the coast of The Finger. Touching the Soul-stone gave Lief a look into Doran's memories, and allowed him to learn the names of the seven remaining dragons of Deltora.[4]

References Edit

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