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21 March 2008


An information source on Deltora Quest, The Three Doors, their universe and their related media. A site for fans to enjoy.

Deltora Quest Wiki is a community site dedicated to Deltora Quest, The Three Doors, Rowan of Rin, Star of Deltora and the Deltora Quest anime adaption of the same name.

The goals of the Deltora Quest Wiki are:

  1. To be the ultimate guide to everything relating to Deltora Quest.
  2. To create a community where members can edit together as well as discuss theories, books and other things.


Why should I join?Edit

Deltora Quest Wiki relies on editors to keep the wiki running smoothly and alive! Not only will you become a part of a great community, you'll have loads of fun too!


Deltora Quest Wiki was founded by Jalis Warrior King on the 21st March 2008, however life got in the way and Jalis Warrior King went inactive indefinitely. On June 22, 2009 Lukas Exemplar, then known as Luka1184, adopted the Wiki, and built it from scratch with the help of users LapisScarab and Belt of Deltora. Today Lukas Exemplar and Belt of Deltora are still active staff members and constantly edits the wiki and several new users have since joined the staff while some have departed.


  • If you wish to contact Deltora Quest Wiki, please contact us at
  • The following users are experienced and can be contacted individually.


Lukas Exemplar
Oversees all major changes. Contact about anything regarding major changes to the wiki. Active
Belt of Deltora
Manages the wiki, Facebook page and email. Designs code, writes templates and oversees the wiki and any changes. Contact for issues or feedback on the design of the wiki, codes, templates and images or in general. Inactive
Samaru163 is consistently active on the wiki and makes high quality edits. Contact for any issues regarding article content or accuracy. Active
Sisterofthesouth is consistently active on the wiki and constantly adds to articles, making sure they are in accordance with the Manual of Style. Contact for any issues regarding article content or accuracy. Active

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