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"We must escape the city. Which way should we go?"
Barda whispering to Tira about escaping Noradz in City of the Rats

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  • ...that Deltora Quest has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has sequel series called The Three Doors and Star of Deltora?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has won 11 awards?
  • ...that Rowan of Rin is set in the same world as Deltora, on an island to Deltora's west?


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Noradz is a city in Opal territory that was controlled by the Nine Ra-Kacharz. Its inhabitants were descended from the former residents of Hira, who created a new city after the rat plague took over their city.

After the rat plague became too severe, the people of Hira fled their city and crossed the Broad River to establish a new city, which they dubbed Noradz, or "No rats." The rat catchers became priests known as the Ra-Kacharz, who maintained strict rules about routine and cleanliness.

After buying muddlets from Tom's shop, Lief, Barda and Jasmine set off along the road to the City of the Rats, when they arrived at an intersection. Though Tom told them to take the left path to Miller's Rise, they assumed that he advised the other path because thought it unlikely for them to go to the City of the Rats.

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    Hi there Deltora fans and contributors, this is a little bit different, I got a little bit bored and I decided to compile this list. This is a detailed list and explanation of the major changes and updates that us admins having undertaken over the last year or so, including behind the scenes changes. Note this list is not chronological order. Some of these changes were undertaken collaboratively and were planned, while some were personal project…

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    His Name Was Walter is a new book by Emily Rodda coming out this year on July 27, 2018 (23/07/2018). It’s a children’s story, published by Harper Collins. About the book from the web page:

    From Australia’s favourite storyteller comes a story, within a story, that shows us the extraordinary power of true love and solves a decades-old mystery.

    While on a history excursion, an i…

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