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Welcome to Deltora Quest Wiki!
An online encyclopedia dedicated to Deltora Quest and The Three Doors, by best-selling author Emily Rodda, that anyone can edit!

Deltora Quest Wiki also includes reference to Rodda's other works and information about the stories and the series that in any way tie into, or have anything to do with Deltora Quest and The Three Doors.

Started in March 2008, the wiki currently has 556 articles!

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Welcome to Deltora Quest Wiki!

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  • ...that Deltora Quest has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has a sequel series called The Three Doors?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has won 11 awards?


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Featured Article-Josef


Josef was the former librarian in the palace of Del, who served under King Alton and later King Lief. Josef was very wise and knowledgeable. He studied the Deltora Annals page by page, and could bring up specific documents for any problem brought to him. He was very protective of the royal family he served, and knew the value of keeping secrets.

When Alton's chief advisor Prandine, who was secretly a spy under the Shadow Lord, wished to destroy the Annals Josef faked his own death and destruction of the Annals and fled the palace.

As a refugee Josef met a young boy named Ranesh, who had recently escaped from pirates after they raided his hometown of Where Waters Meet. In exchange for food, writing and reading lessons Ranesh told Josef of the Glus and Guardian. The two quickly formed a friendship, with Ranesh going out and stealing food for Josef when they couldn't find any. Josef eventually came to love Ranesh like a son. (read more...)


  • Belt of Deltora

    Hi all! We're exited to announce Lief has been selected as one of the characters to go up against Talion in Wikia's Shadow of Mordor Fantasy Face-Off.

    Shadow of Mordor is an upcoming videogame based around Lord of the Rings. Wikia has decided to pick well-known fantasy characters to pit against characters from the game in an epic battle! What's awesome is that the community gets to vote for who they think will win!

    So head over here to vote for Lie…

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  • Belt of Deltora

    Hi all!

    I'm very excited to announce a new feature we're implementing on the wiki -Achievements! This means that for doing certain things, i.e, making 100 edits, adding 10 images, etc, will reward you in a certain badge, bronze, silver or gold! Each type is worth a certain amount of points and you can view your tally on your profile!

    You can view the leaderboard here!

    Happy earning!,


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  • Belt of Deltora

    Fan Fiction-Chericola

    September 21, 2013 by Belt of Deltora

    Hi there!

    Here at Deltora Quest Wiki, we take pride in being a community-based wiki. Not only do affiliate, we take the time to talk to other Deltora Quest dedicated sites and groups too.

    That brings us to something new we're going to be trying out-Fan fiction!

    One of our dedicated editors, Chericola, has written some excellent fan fiction depicting Jarred and Anna's journey and adventures in Shadowlands! A story about heartbreak and survival, The Sha…

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  • Belt of Deltora

    Image Licenses

    September 10, 2013 by Belt of Deltora

    Hi everyone,

    I've been busy adding templates and coding certain things; the usual. Lately, I've been working on adding licenses templates to images that show their copyright and licensing info. The info, to my knowledge, is correct, as I've checked the copyright info shown in the books and anime. More details can be found on the individual templates.

    I've created three templates to suit out needs:

    1. 'Imagebox Scan' This is used for all images/scan…

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