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"I must return to the Centre. I can no longer resist the call, though I know it will mean my death. My bones will serve the Hive. I am content."
Rigane in The Deltora Book of Monsters

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  • ...that Deltora Quest has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has sequel series called The Three Doors and Star of Deltora?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has won 11 awards?
  • ...that Rowan of Rin is set in the same world as Deltora, on an island to Deltora's west?


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Featured Article-The Hive


The Hive is one of the most ancient monsters in Deltora. It has existed in Lapis Lazuli territory since long before the time of Adin, and it is so large that it is often considered to be a desert known as the Shifting Sands. Its origin is a complete mystery. The Hive has a will of its own and draws people and objects who enter the Sands to the Centre.

The first known mention of the Hive was by a woman named Rigane the Mad, who dedicated her life to observing the Shifting Sands and Sand Beasts. Rigane made five expeditions into the Sands to study and observe its creatures. Much of the information known about the Sands and the Hive can be credited to her. The Hive drew Rigane in, and her last expedition resulted in her death. She left a letter saying she was happy to die in the Sands and let her bones serve the Hive.

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  • Samaru163

    Hello Deltora fans, one and all and welcome to episode eight of my Deltora Quest comparison.

    Since we once again find ourselves beginning a new arc in the anime, I will give you my brief thoughts on the book version.

    City of the Rats is a very interesting book, especially following Lake of Tears, which I believe is the golden standard of a Deltora Book. Unlike the previous entry, City of the Rats has very few setpieces. Most of the book takes plac…

    Read more >
  • Kirsten of Shadowgate


    August 14, 2018 by Kirsten of Shadowgate

    Should we add more info about the manga?

    Read more >
  • Samaru163

    Hello Deltora fans, one and all and welcome to episode seven of my Deltora Quest comparison.

    Sorceress Thaegan covers the rest of Lake of Tears chapter fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen. This makes it the final episode of the Lake of Tears arc.

    The sorceress Thaegan is the big apperane for this episode, and boy did the animators do a good job brining her to life. Thaegan is one of the most accurate characters to her book counterpartin terms of design…

    Read more >

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