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Belt of Deltora300
Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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There is no denying that Deltora can be dangerous for the unwary or ill-informed!

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"One of the largest and strangest of the islands was called by its people the Land of Dragons, for dragons ruled its skies."
The Land of Dragons, Tenna Birdsong Tales.[1]

Map of Deltora500
General information

Diamond territory
Emerald territory
Lapis Lazuli territory
Topaz territory
Opal territory
Ruby territory
Amethyst territory


Dread Gnome

Physical information

The Ocean of the South, west of Dorne



Form of government


Head of State



Gold and silver coins


Adin's eldest

Chronological information
First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Last appearance

The Third Door

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Map of all Territories
Deltora, previously known as The Land of Dragons, is an island in the Ocean of the South, inhabited by dragons and seven tribes and is one of the largest islands in the World of Deltora.[1] Deltora is home to a wide variety of people, fauna and flora and is divided into seven territories, each home to a gem, tribe and Dragon species.[2] Deltora is ruled by a monarchy which operates under the rule of a king or queen. Spanning for at least a thousand years,[3] the monarchy was established after the tribes united under Adin, a result of the Battle for Deltora. The island is currently ruled by King Lief from his palace in Del, Deltora's capital.

Before the seven tribes of Deltora were united, Malverlain, who had been banished from Deltora's neighbouring island, Dorne, attempted to conquer the island. However, his plans were thwarted multiple times.


The Land of DragonsEdit

When the world was young, Deltora was known as the Land of Dragons. The land was one of the larger islands surrounded by fearsome beasts that dwelled within the deep blue. The people were terrorised by the sea monsters that ruled the seas and the dragons that were the masters of the sky. The people divided into seven tribes, kept to their own territory, warring often over the land's scare resources. To the north of the Land of Dragons was what the people believed was their own island's twin, and was named The Twin. No matter how often they tried to reach that island, none were ever seen again.[1]

Fire, Water, Death and MarriageEdit

For ages the sea remained unchanged, the people prisoners within their land. But none of them could see that deep below, blind, bloated monsters dug deep into the rock of the sea-bed. The tribe of the west, the Torans sensed that a big change was coming. Their leaders scattered fortune-telling stones and the stones meaning fire, water, death and marriage fell together often, but they did not know what to make of it. The dragons too sensed that there was a change, they could feel the land quiver and smelled it in the air.[1]

One beautiful still morning, the dragons knew it was time. In a glittering mass, they took to the air. There were thousands of them, glimmering with all the colours of the rainbow. So many that they blocked out the sun. There was a low sound from the north and the people saw the sea turn white. The sea monsters whipped the water into foam as they desperately tried to escape, but it was too late. With a great roar, the seabed in the north split and fire belched upwards, boiling the sea. The air was thick with steam and the island quaked. New hills formed, great cracks formed and hills were destroyed. Pale, slimy, dead things fell from the sky like rain. The sound was frightful. Thinking their world had come to an end, the people fell to the ground with their hands covering their ears.[1]

Those who were left alive saw that the northern coast was gone. Instead, a great barrier of mountain and rock had formed into one peak; an unbroken line from east to west.

Only the dragons, who flew high in the sky, saw what laid beyond the mountains. They saw that the space between the Land of Dragons and the island to the north, Pirra. disappear as the cracked seabed collapsed on itself. The two islands collided and were sealed together by the mountains that had formed. The two islands had become one, just as the Toran's fortune-telling stones had predicted.

The Shadow ArmyEdit

The Shadow Lord's first attempt at taking over the Land of Dragons.

Uniting the TribesEdit

Adin's journey to get the seven gems and join the tribes.

The creation of the belt.

Encountering the Jalis, listening to the Tenna Birdsong Tale about Opal the Dreamer who was Adin's ancestor. Receiving the Diamond.

Adin attempted to meet with the Torans but was pushed away into the territory of the Dread Gnomes. They tried to take the belt away from him. They also tried to use him as bait. But since the Diamond causes misfortune on those who try to steal it, the leader is almost killed. Adin saves her and they listen to his tale. He gets the Emerald and was named The Archer of Azzure.

Gaining the Lapis-Lazuli from the people of Mere in Rithmere. They wanted him to fight a sand beast and bring back it head but as luck would have it, a dragon comes down and kills the sand beast for him. Adin gets the head and the people give him their talisman.

He returns to Del introducing himself as the Archer of Azzure. He almost gets the Topaz without any trouble but is recognised by old friends. He explains the reasons for his deceit and after making a passionate speech, is able to put the Topaz alongside the rest of the gems.

He travels to Hira for the Opal. He meets the spirits of Opal's parents who were cursed to help him on his quest.

Meeting the Ralad people and gaining the ruby.

Trying to get the Amethyst is unsuccessful since the Torans prefer to keep to themselves and care little about what happens outside their marble walls. So Adin prepared for the battle with only the six tribes and gems.

Battle for DeltoraEdit

Main article: Battle for Deltora

The battle takes place at Hira and they start taking out most of the Shadow Lord's armies lead by two humans. The Torans come when it seems bleak and give Adin the Amethyst. Adin places the last gem into the belt and the Shadow Lord and his armies are driven from the land. They realise that the gems spell a name and so the Land of Dragons is named Deltora. From then on, Deltora has been ruled by heirs of Adin, living in the Palace of Del.

Coronation of AdinEdit

Separation of gemsEdit

Quest to find the gemsEdit

Shadow Lord's defeatEdit

Quest to find the Pirran PipeEdit

Awaking of dragonsEdit

The Four SistersEdit


Defeat of the Grey TideEdit

Banishment of the Shadow LordEdit

Geography Edit

The island of Deltora lies in the Ocean of the South, and is bordered by the Silver Sea to the west and the Sea of Serpents to the east. Deltora has a diverse landscape, differing from territory to territory.

Barrier MountainsEdit

Main article: Barrier Mountains

When Pirra joined with Deltora, it created the Barrier Mountains. The Barrier Mountains are a line of jagged mountains, going from the east all the way to the west of Deltora. The largest mountain of the Barrier Mountains is Dread Mountain.


Three main rivers flow through Deltora: River Tor, River Broad and River Del. River Broad joins with River Tor at a place called Where Waters Meet. Eventually though, they all flow out to the sea.

River TorEdit

Main article: River Tor

River Tor starts near Dread Mountain, flows through Emerald and Amethyst territories, before joining with River Broad and flowing out to sea.

River BroadEdit

Main article: River Broad

River Broad starts in the Barrier Mountains in Opal territory, flows through Lapis Lazuli territory and meets River Tor.

River DelEdit

Main article: River Del

River Del starts in the Os-Mine Hills and flows down the west side of Del before flowing out into the sea.


There are many roads and paths in Deltora. They usually lead to main cities and towns and are sometimes dangerous due to bandits.

The Coast RoadEdit

Great North RoadEdit

The Golden WayEdit

The Mountain RoadEdit

The Opal HighwayEdit

Rithmere RoadEdit

Deltora WayEdit

Gems Edit


Main article: Topaz


Main article: Ruby


Main article: Opal

Lapis LazuliEdit

Main article: Lapis Lazuli


Main article: Emerald


Main article: Amethyst


Main article: Diamond

Tribes Edit

Deltora is divided into seven tribes: Jalis, Dread Gnome, Mere, Del, Plains, Ralad and Toran.


Main article: Jalis (tribe)

Dread GnomeEdit

Main article: Dread Gnome (tribe)


Main article: Mere (tribe)


Main article: Del (tribe)


Main article: Plains (tribe)


Main article: Ralad (tribe)


Main article: Toran (tribe)



Boolong treeEdit

Coffin TreeEdit

Purple mossEdit

Lilies of LifeEdit

Gripper Edit

Traveller's Weed Edit

Sweetplum Edit




Muddlets Edit



Granous Edit

Royal FamilyEdit

Main article: The Royal Family

Deltora has been ruled for a thousand years by the royal family. Starting from Adin, the first king, who united the kingdom, his descendants have ruled ever since.

Appearances Edit


  • Deltora is to the east of Dorne, separated by the Sea of Serpents.[4]
  • To the west of Deltora lies an unknown island (known as Maris to the people of Deltora), home to the people of Rin, the Travellers and the mer-like Maris folk. The Land of the Zebak is also to the west, and located very close to Maris.   


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