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Cuisine in the World of Deltora
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Food and drinks

  • Bread
  • Ale
  • Sweets
Cuisine in the World of Deltora is common throughout the islands, however, regional variation can be found, particularly between territories and isolated cities.


After the seabed collapse north of Deltora, the island became more abundant and fruitful.[1] This allowed for farming to become easier and thus, cuisine developed significantly. Many dishes are common throughout the island, however variation exists between tribes.[2]

Cooking styleEdit

A huge variety of dishes exist in Deltora. Deltora is a large island with great variation in climate and therefore food. Baking is extensively used to make bread, cake, pastries and buns. Farming and crops are common throughout the island, and thus meat and other produce is used in many dishes. Wild food is popular among travellers and beverages such as ale and tea is commonly served.

Common ingredientsEdit

  • Beef — Used to make stew.
  • Celery
  • Corn — Used to make cakes and grown on the Hira plain.
  • Fennel
  • Fish — Used in many dishes.
  • Flour — Used to make bread, buns and cakes.
  • Honey — Used as a sweetener.
  • Mint
  • Milk — White liquid from mammals used in cooking.[3]
  • Oat — Grown in fields on the Hira plain.
  • Painted Plain Deer — Deer meat is eaten by Broome hunters and dragons.
  • Parsley
  • Partridge eggs
  • Thyme
  • Traveller's Weed — Common plant found throughout Ruby territory. Has a slight peppermint taste when eaten raw and helps with digestion. Is also eaten on the island of Dorne, presumably imported from Deltora.
  • Wheat — Used to make flour for many dishes and grown in Hira.[2]


  • Apple — Juicy red fruit grown on trees.
  • Berries — Small fruit that grows on bushes.
  • Grape — Berry that grows on a grapevine.[4]
  • Melon — Hard shelled fruit.[5]
  • Sea berry —Berries found near the sea.[6]
  • Sweetplum — Round purple fruit found throughout Ruby territory.
  • Water berry — Berry found near the coast of Deltora used for food and drink.[3]
  • Wildberry — Fruit used to make wildberry wine.[4]


  • Beef stew — Stew made of beef.
  • Biscuit [2]
  • Bread —Made from flour.[2]
  • Cake — Baked food made of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. Can also be decorated with icing and sugar flowers.[5][7]
  • Chocolate — Brown sweet.[7]
  • Chewing toffee — Extremely popular toffee among Polypans used as a form of payment, which they have become addicted to.
  • Chicken and Dumpling Soup — Soup made of chicken and dumplings served at Jaliad.
  • Chowder — A kind of fish stew.[2]
  • Corn Cake — Small cake made from corn.[5]
  • Cheese [5]
  • Crab Claws — Served boiled at stalls in Broome.
  • Dried meat — Long-lasting meat used during travels.[2]
  • Flat bread — Bread cooked flat over a fire.[8]
  • Fish — Cooked and sometimes battered.
  • Fish Cake — Cake made out of fish.
  • Fish pie — Pie with fish served throughout Deltora.
  • Honey cake — Cake made with honey.[9]
  • Molisk patty — Festival dish of the Auron tribe.[6]

    Pig Rat is hunted for its rich and savoury taste.

    Pickled onions

    Pickled onions in a jar.

    Nuts and dried fruit

    Nuts and dried fruits.

  • Pastry
  • Peppermint Fancies — Round pink-striped sweets that smell of peppermint.[3]
  • Pie — Baked
  • Pig Rat
  • Pickled onions[9]
  • Potato — Cut into fingers, fried in oil and served with a little salt.[2]
  • Preserved fruit[7]
  • Pumpkin — Served roasted.[2]
  • Nodnap
  • Roast chicken
  • Roll Small lump of bread.[7]
  • Sandwich Food item consisting of one or more types of food, such as vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread.[9]
  • Sausage [7]
  • Skewer — Skewer of meat, sausages and vegetables.[7]
  • Sugared fruit
  • Sweets [7]
  • Tart
  • Toffee sweet[2]
  • Vegetable soup — Soup made with vegetables.[4]


  • Ale — Beverage served at inns and celebrations. Slight variations on recipe unique to each territory and particularly strong in Jaliad.
  • Fish soup — Served in a mug and sold at Broome.[2]
  • Golden wine — Wine served by Fardeep as the guardian appeared golden.[10]
  • Queen Bee Cider — Beverage made from tree-aged cider apples.[11]
  • Red wine — Wine made from grapes.[4]
  • Tea — Made from leaves in hot water.[2]
  • Wildberry wine — Wine made from wildberries.[4]


Common ingredientsEdit

  • Onion — Round vegetable.[12]
  • Goat meat


  • Bell fruit — Juicy, yellow fruit used to make preserves and can be dried.


  • Cheese 
  • Duck egg — Blue-shelled egg served hard boiled.
  • Hoji nut — Sweet nut.
  • Honey
  • Rice pastry
  • Roll
  • Skewer Bloodhog meat threaded with grilled vegetables and chunks of meat.
  • Spice cake — Cake made with spices.[13]
  • Sweet cake[14]
  • Tarny roots — Roots of the tarny plant, often used as horse feed.


  • Ale — Foaming beverage served in taverns.
  • Amber tea — Type of tea.
  • Wine — Drink made from fermented grape juice.[14]

Alternative future Dorne Edit

Dishes Edit

  • Smoked whine — Insects that are served smoked
  • Sea biscuit — Most likely a hardtack of some kind.

Maris Edit

Common ingredients Edit

  • Bukshah milk — Creamy milk coming from bukshah.
  • Hoopberry — Fruit of the hoopberry tree, used to make pies and as juice.
  • Slip-daisy — Used to make slipdaisy wine.[15]

Dishes Edit

  • Bukshah cheese — Cheese made from bukshah milk.
  • Bukshah curd — Curd made from bukshah milk.
  • Cake
  • Honey — According to Trader Sven, it is the best honey in all of the Silver Sea.
  • Hoopberry honey — Golden honey produced by bees with the nectar of the white flowers of the hoopberry trees.
  • Hoopberry pie — Pie made with hoopberries.
  • Pickled Kirrian worm eggs
  • Oat cake — A type of flatbread, similar to a cracker or biscuit.
  • Seaweed cake — Light and nourishing cake made with seaweed.
  • Sun-dried fruit
  • Toffee

Beverages Edit

  • Hoopberry juice — Blue juice made from hoopberries.
  • Hoopberry wine
  • Slip-daisy wine — Wine made from slipdaisies.[15]

Two Moons Edit

Common ingredients Edit

Dishes Edit

  • Tuppi — Small pink rounded sweet.[16]

Beverages Edit

  • Orchid wine — Wine made from swamp orchids.[16]


  • Once Deltora became more fruitful after the seabed north of the island collapsed, many more dishes became available.


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