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Crow was the Bosun for the Star of Deltora during the competition to find an Apprentice for the current Trader Rosalyn, Mab.[1]

History Edit

Two Moons Edit

After being rejected at Maris to trade there due to a detected evil by the Keeper, Crow recalled the death of Zoolah, further adding to the superstitions of the crew and rumours.[1]

The Towers of IllicaEdit

After the events of Two Moons, Crow becomes afraid and suspicious of Britta because of the gold mark on her forehead, and believes that she is a witch. Crow sees Britta exiting the cargo hold and questions her about why she was there, but does not believe her when she tells him that she wanted relief from the heat. Later, when a storm is brewing and Britta is on deck, Crow pushes Britta overboard in an attempt to get rid of her, an attempt which is foiled by Sky and Jewel.[2]


Star of DeltoraEdit


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