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Corris was Barda's deputy guard at the palace of Del and took command of the guards in Barda's absence.[1]

History Edit

Barda assigned Corris to command the palace guards before leaving to destroy the Four Sisters.[1]

The Sister of the South Edit

Corris died on the first day of the "Toran Plague", though in actuality he was poisoned by Paff. Dunn, Corris' second-in-command, took over leadership of the guards after Corris' death.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Nothing is known of Corris's physical appearance, though he presumably wore the pale blue uniform of a palace guard.

Personality Edit

Corris was implied to have been a capable, strict leader. Barda was angered when he thought that Corris was responsible for the lack of discipline in the guards, having expected better of the guard.

Abilities Edit

Corris commanded Del's guards, the best organised fighting force in Del at the time. He was presumably a talented leader, organising the guards and keeping them alive.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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