Coffin Pod
General information

Forests of Silence


Insects, lizards, small birds


Woody, vicious, will snap at anything that moves

Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Coffin Pods are woody pods that are located in the Forests of Silence in Topaz territory.[1]

History Edit

Coffin Pods were encountered within the Forests of Silence by Doran, and recorded in his field guide, Secrets of Deltora.[1]

Habitat Edit

Coffin Pods live in all three Forests of Silence on the flowering branches of Coffin Trees.[1]

Anatomy Edit

Coffin Pods are woody pods that hang near the red orchid-shaped blooms of the Coffin Tree.[1]

Behaviour Edit

Coffin Pods are highly aggressive plants, snapping at any living creature that happens to pass by them.[1]

Diet Edit

Coffin Pods are carnivorous plants, eating insects, lizards, small birds, and human appendages.[1]

References Edit

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