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Catching mice

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The Golden Door

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The Third Door

Clinks are small, furred, winged creatures which are used for catching mice on Dorne. Clinks lived on Dorne long before humans. A colony of Clinks that lived in the Wall of Weld had gradually over centuries evolved into skimmers, under the influence of jell.


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Clinks are small furred creatures with pink noses and small wings resembling flaps of skin.


Clinks lived inside the chimneys of houses on Dorne. They catch mice. in the Golden Door it is learned that many of the chimney's of Dorne where actually carved by Clinks as nests to encourage their then food source Mice. as Humans moved into Dorne they noticed the natural chimneys and began building homes around them. in doing so several towns such as fleet tended to have a clink in each house.


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