Mysteries of the Silver Sea
Cladda's Mysteries of the Silver Sea
General information
Alternative name(s)

Mysteries of the Silver Sea

Owned by

Star of Deltora library

Created by

Presumably written by a person named Cladda


To inform sailors about the Silver Sea and its islands

Chronological information
First appearance

Two Moons

Last appearance

The Towers of Illica

Cladda's Mysteries of the Silver Sea is a book containing legends of the Silver Sea.[1] Britta read it in the Star of Deltora's library.[2]


Two Moons

Known chapters

The Isle of the Four Sisters

A chapter telling of the lost Isle of the Four Sisters and the legend of what happened when a sorcerer came upon it.

The Heart of Gold

The Crystal of Maris

A chapter telling about the Crystal of Maris.

The Sunrise Pearls of Two Moons

A chapter telling about the sunrise pearls of the island of Two Moons.

Tier—the ‘Hungry Isle’

The chapter found at page 127 described the final years of the pirate Bar-Enoch, who had taken the Staff of Tier from the dead hands of its creator Tier and carried it away on his ship, the Serpent. According to the book, as time went on, the Staff began to make Bar-Enoch go mad as he became paranoid and believed enemies were plotting to steal the Staff from him. Eventually the Staff became the pirate's only reason for existence, and fears began to plague him, since if he could defy Tier's cruse, others might be able to. As Bar-Enoch's madness grew he began to shake his fist at the sun and cursed it for lighting the world so that his enemies could find him easier. His crewmen heard him talking to himself in his cabin, mumbling of plans 'to crawl into the body of a turtle where the sun could not reach him and live forever, protected by a shell of stone, a cage of iron and the wild sea.' He often used the word 'return' in his ravings, and the crew concluded that their captain planned to hide away on the Isle of Tier, in the cavern where he had taken the Staff from Tier's dead hands so many years before.

Bar-Enoch's reign of terror over the Silver Sea ended when he, his ship, his treasure and the Staff of Tier vanished, never to be seen again, however, he did not return to the isle, as the Staff would then have made him bring the isle back to life. According to the writer of the book, it was most likely that the Serpent and the bones of her crew lie at the bottom of the sea, victims of Bar-Enoch’s ruthless desire for secrecy about his hiding place. The chapter ended on a note that Bar-Enoch and the Staff's whereabouts still remain a mystery.[1][2]


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