"My loyalty, like the loyalty of the chief advisors before me, has always been to another place and to a far greater master."

The chief advisor is the monarch of Deltora's head advisor. For generations the position has been held by Ols posing as humans sent by the Shadow Lord to infiltrate and influence Deltora. However, this practise ended after Prandine's revelation of the chief advisors serving the Shadow Lord.[1]


It is unknown when the first chief advisor was installed or who it was, but the first adviser to be an agent of the Shadow Lord was Agra. She was installed during the reign of King Elstred and was the first adviser to suggest that the Belt of Deltora be worn only on ceremonious occasions. Agra continued to serve as chief advisor to Adina Esltred's daughter, and ensured that she only wore the Belt of Deltora five times during her reign.

The unnamed chief advisor to King Brandon ensured that he wore the Belt of Deltora only three times in his reign. Brandon also became the last king of Deltora to wear the Belt outside of his coronation day.[2]

Drumm, the chief advisor for King Lucan, used his position to place the Four Sisters around Deltora and commissioned a raised platform be built in the palace chapel to hide the Sister of the South. He worked to undermine the efforts of Doran the Dragonlover and erase any love of dragons from the kingdom.[3][4]

Duties Edit

Known chief advisorsEdit


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