Captain of the River Queen
Captain of the River Queen
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Captain of the River Queen

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The Captain is a sailor who captained the River Queen during the Shadow Lord's rule. It is unknown if he still transports passengers by boat on the River Tor.[1]


The Maze of the Beast Edit

The Captain spotted Lief, Barda, and Dain trudging through the River Tor on their way to the Maze of the Beast. After confirming that they had money, he sent his Polypan Chett to row them aboard, where he told them to keep out of trouble while on his ship, and that their safety was not his concern.[1]

That night, a band of pirates attacked the River Queen and killed several of its passengers. During the attack, the Captain stayed locked in his cabin and only emerged to kill an Ol who had revealed itself when it recognised Jasmine. After its death and the pirate's retreat, the Captain ordered Lief and Jasmine off his ship.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

The Captain is a short, chunky bearded man with grey hair worn in a braid down his back. He has a twisted nose and wore a peaked captain's hat low on his face, casting deep shadows on his eyes. The Captain is missing his pinky finger and all but a stump of his ring finger on one hand.[1]


The Captain is a man of business and cares more about money and his own profits than he cares about his passenger's safety. He makes it clear to everyone that, once they step on his ship, their safety is their own concern. The captain shows little to no concern whenever his passengers are killed by pirates or Ols, who he lets onto his ship as long as they pay and do not harm the other passengers or his crew. He will also force people off of his ship if they are targeted by Ols.[1]


Deltora QuestEdit

Deltora Quest 1Edit


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