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Hills around Broome


Critically endangered


Hooves, horns, half-goat, half-human

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Dragon's Nest

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Secrets of Deltora

Capricons are humanoid creatures who once resided in Capra. However, after being driven out by Ruby dragons they fled to the hills and became critically endangered.


In ancient times, the Capricons lived in a rose-pink city called Capra, which was located on Deltora's eastern coast. They thought their city was the greatest in the world. This vanity caused them to pursue anything they thought would make their city even grander. This led to them stealing Ruby Dragon eggs to hollow out and make into lanterns to hang from their trees.

Three times the Ruby dragons came to the Capricons to demand that they stop the slaughter. But the Capricons were drunk on their vanity and pride. They refused to listen, so the dragons destroyed their city. What Capricons survived fled into the hills, and sometime later, the city of Broome was built upon Capra's ruins.

Secrets of DeltoraEdit

Doran mentioned Capricons and how to speak to them in Secrets of Deltora.

Dragon's NestEdit

Rolf, the heir to the lordship of Capra, was a servant to the Shadow Lord and guardian of the Sister of the East. He pretended to be a sniveling coward to lure the companions to their deaths on many occasions. Thanks to his master's power, Rolf could change into a false dragon. He was eventually killed by Joyeu.

Anatomy Edit

Capricons appear to be part human, part goat; their upper bodies are mostly human, save for a pair of small horns protruding from their heads, whilst their lower bodies are covered with fur and shaped like a goat's. They also have small, "delicately pointed hooves" for feet.


Capricons keep to themselves and few people in Deltora have seen one, leading many people to believe they are now extinct or are merely a legend. Capricons are very proud creatures who have difficulty letting go of the past; they stay in the hills around Broome so that they can watch the illusion of Capra appear at sunset.

Despite the centuries since Capra's destruction, young Capricons are taught to love the city and mourn "their loss". For this reason, Capricons despise Broome and its inhabitants, regarding them as "demons who dance on the bones of Capra". They also view themselves as a superior race, as they will regard all humans with the same disgust and loathing as the people of Broome.

Known Capricons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Capricons could be named after the constellation Capricornus, which in Latin means "horned goat" and is commonly represented in the form of a sea-goat, a mythical creature that is half fish, half goat.

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